Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The atmosphere of a good friend

Hugh Black likens the choice of a good friend to breathing in 'a good atmosphere.' He writes:

Others have a good atmosphere; we can breathe there in safety, and have a joyful sense of security. With some of these it is a local delicate environment, sweet, suggestive, like the aroma of wild violets: we have to look, and sometimes to stoop, to get into its range. With some it is like a Scotch pine forest, or a eucalyptus grove of warmer climes, which perfumes a whole countryside. It is well to know such, Christ’s little ones and Christ’s great ones. They put oxygen into the moral atmosphere and we breathe more freely for it. They give us new insight, and fresh courage, and purer faith, and by the impulse of their example inspire us to nobler life.

How thankful I am for the atmosphere of sweetness that I can breathe around the great friends God has blessed me with!

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Perfectly His said...

Great Post. How timely for me. My last post deals with this atmosphere.
Thanks so much.