Tuesday, February 12, 2008

And Bartholomew…

Just working on a Spurgeon devotional on the Gospels at the moment and came across this helpful section on Bartholomew:

I think that, as a rule, God’s servants work best in pairs. In other senses than the matrimonial one, it is not good that man should be alone. Moses needs Aaron; Peter needs Andrew; James needs John. It is well to be of such a temperament and disposition that you can work harmoniously with another of your Lord’s servants. If ye cannot, pray God to alter you. Notice that expression, in [Matthew 10:3], ‘and Bartholomew’. I think there is not a single instance in the New Testament where Bartholomew is mentioned without the word ‘and’ before or after his name — ‘and Bartholomew’ or ‘Bartholomew and’ someone else. Perhaps he was not a man who ever began any work by himself, but he was a grand man to join in and help it on when somebody else had started it. So, dear friend, if you are not qualified to be a leader in the church of Christ, be willing to be number two; but do serve the Master, in some capacity or other, with all your might. Be a brother who carries an ‘and’ with him wherever he goes; be like a horse, that has his harness on, and is ready to be hooked into the team.

What a helpful word! We are not 'islands' in God's work. He calls us to work alongside others, joined to the harness with them, in willing and eager service to our God. How much we need to cultivate that bond of fellowship and joint ministry in his kingdom! And what a blessing it is to find others to work alongside and be their 'and' to complement the work that God has given them to do, truly fellow workers in God's cause.

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