Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Friendship…published at last!

My friend Hilary and I have been trying to get a book on Friendship by Hugh Black into print for a while now. I came across this title many years ago and found it so helpful. So, after much planning, and me redesigning it and getting it ready for press, it's finally done! Praise God!

I'll give you the summary from the back blurb:

 The high ideal to which friendship was held by the ancient writers, like Plato and Aristotle, seems to be an obsolete sentiment today. Western society, with its busyness and self-centredness, to many people, feels like a cold and lonely place. In this culture of cynicism and malaise Hugh Black directs our attention to the importance of friendship and the blessing that it can be. With elegantly poignant prose, Black draws on ancient writings, poetry and the Scriptures, helping us to rediscover the miracle of genuine friendship and to understand the care and keeping of such treasure.

Along the way, Black addresses the challenges and responsibilities associated with friendship including the tragic consequences of eclipsed or wrecked friendships. He defines the limitations of friendship but also highlights the blessings it can bring. In true friendship, accountability and love inspire us to live with more honour, integrity and grace. Ultimately, we see that in Jesus Christ we can have that “higher friendship”—friendship with God himself—which revolutionizes the way we live, the way we think and the things we value. 

It is available in both hardcover (isbn 9781894400282) and softcover (isbn 9781894400275)

If you are interested in ordering a copy, contact Sola Scriptura Ministries International or call them toll free at 1-800-563-3529

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