Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The power of faith

Last year I looked at a variety of statements about the nature of faith. I came across a good quote today from an early Canadian Baptist pastor that illustrates the power of faith in the life of a believer:

"What else but faith, unfeigned faith in the death of Christ as the only atonement could make a man forsake all—all his self-righteousness, all his good works, prayers, tears, and religious feelings and exercises, &c—and take up his cross and follow Jesus Christ? What but real faith in the promise of Christ, of everlasting life, would, or could, make a man become the butt of the enmity, malice, revenge, and persecutions of his relations, friends, and neighbours, and deny himself to every fleshly, and every worldly gratification? What but faith in, and love to the Lord Jesus Christ, as the only Saviour of the guilty, could make a man devote himself and his all to the service of God—and make him willing to suffer even unto death, not only for Christ himself, but also for his laws, and his ordinances, and his people? How true is it that faith purifieth the heart (Acts 15:9), overcometh the world (1 John 5:4), worketh by love (Galatians 5:6) and leads us to endure every trial and every affliction in this world (Hebrews 11)."
—Alexander Stewart (1774-1840), pastor of the first Baptist church in York (Toronto), Upper Canada


Chris said...

Great find Janice,

If you don't mind, what's the bibliographic reference?

Janice Van Eck said...

Hey Chris
It's actually from a sermon on baptism by Alexander Stewart. I am just working on a book for Joshua Press about his life and ministry and it'll be out sometime in June. (ISBN 978-1-894400-29-9). One of the appendices is this sermon on baptism and it is just fabulous.
B-t-w-when are you coming back to Canada?

Janice Van Eck said...

Chris.... the book is going to be called:

From Scotland to Canada:
The life of pioneer missionary Alexander Stewart

Annette said...

i liked that. thanks for sharing.